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Save money through sharing

The cost of living continues to rise, and running a car is expensive… sometimes saving money just feels impossible! We understand how you feel, and Liftshare is here to help.

With petrol, insurance and road tax to consider, splitting fuel costs with other carsharers is a great way to keep those outgoings down and put your car to work. Travelling regularly with just one other passenger can make a great difference to your budget, and stops your car from going unused by the roadside.

If you don't have a car or simply don't want to use your vehicle, it may surprise you to know that Liftshare can still be cheaper than the alternatives. Lifehacker UK once called us, "bags cheaper than UK public transport," and they certainly weren't wrong.

In fact, in 2015 we found that the price of an open single train ticket from London to Manchester cost upward of £89, while the same trip car shared would cost just £20. It's a trend that continues today as more travellers are waking up to the money-saving potential if Liftshare.

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