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Guide to carsharing

There are many reasons why people carshare with Liftshare.

Festival fans share travel to big events like Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight Festival and Download to save money, journey with friends, and meet new people on the road. It can also be cheaper than cross-country coach and rail fares, leaving you with more cash to spend during your big music weekend. Some events even offer perks for liftsharers, such as camping upgrades and priority parking – so it’s worth checking before you leave.

People also carshare with other fans to support their favourite sports teams at both home and away fixtures to reduce the amount spent on travel. With Liftshare you'll never miss a match and have more money for tickets, match food and strips all season long.

Commuters or those who drive regularly to work save on average £987 with Liftshare, and with other passengers in the car, rush hour boredom needn't be a problem! Our members reduce their daily car costs and make new friends at the office or local area. There’s no pressure to share every day either, if half of all UK motorists shared a trip just once a week, pollution would be reduced by 10%, and traffic jams by 20%!

Green and environmentally-minded drivers will carshare to reduce the number of cars on the road. By filling more spare seats, Liftshare members are helping cut back on carbon and put vehicles to better use.

Whatever your reasons for considering shared travel, you can join over 500,000 Liftshare members saving money, making new friends and travelling to great new places at low cost.

Getting started with Liftshare is easy

  1. Create an account – Liftshare is free and offers a quick sign-up process to Facebook users. Simply enter some details and you can start creating your public profile.
  2. Create a good profile – The key to getting more lifts or passengers is to have a well-crafted profile. We recommend filling out your profile with as much information as possible, and be sure to include a clear picture of yourself so our members know who they'll be travelling with
  3. Do you need a lift? – If you're a non-driver, or if you fancy ditching the car for a day or two, you can start using our location search to look for drivers heading your way. Search results show you where the driver is coming from, their final destination and how much it costs to book a spare seat. You can post a lift request, so drivers can find you when they post a journey matching your needs, and we’ll e-mail you if we spot someone that matches. Some drivers post regular journeys if they do the same trip every day, while others are one-off trips. Be sure to check which kind of lift they are offering, and get in touch with them using our free iOS and Android app messaging system to get to know your driver and ensure a smooth pick-up.
  4. Looking for passengers? – With Liftshare you're under no obligation to drive with anyone, and it is entirely up to you which journeys are posted online. Once you decide to offer your spare seats, simply post details of your route and wait for lift requests to roll in.

    You can decide to accept or decline lifts as you see fit. Once a lift is agreed, simply meet at the agreed time. You can pay in cash on the day, agree to share the driving, or accept payment over our site once you reach your destination.

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